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    I've got the 15" 2.4Ghz C2D MBP and I was wondering if there's any point in downloading 1080p movies or should I just stick with 720p? Can it even play that high of resolution?
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    Just FYI, a quick google search would've answered your question in a lot less time than it takes to wait for a charitable person to answer on a forum.

    A 15" has a resolution of 1440x900, 1080p is 1920x1080. As can be easily read, your computer is unable to display full 1080p. It can play it just fine, and if you want full resolution, you'll have to plug it into a 1080p TV or external screen capable of 1080p or more.
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    You'd have to give us a lot more info as the point is always subjective. If you're just watching them on the built-in display and need to conserve space then it's probably better to go with 720p. If you want 1080p for "future proofing" or if you use a 1080p external display (I do) then it may be worth going with 1080p. You can't just assume that your situation, preferences and priorities are universal no matter what the topic.

    It can certainly play that resolution though you probably won't see much benefit with the built-in display. In addition to looking up specs you could easily play a 720p and 1080p version and see if you can tell if there are any differences for yourself.

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