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Feb 24, 2011
My macbook air is having some pretty annoying issues with its bootup times. This is only an issue with my macbook air 11-inch. It hasn't been an issue with 13-inch airs of the same (most recent) generation.

On boot, after the grey screen and apple logo, the computer hangs at a white screen. The white screen lasts for about 15 seconds or more. While this is occurring, I can gesture to open mission control, but i can only just swipe back to the desktop (no real function, but the animation is in tact).

From a closed state (sleeping), opening the macbook air introduces a 5 second frozen screen. When restarting, I have the grey screen and a progress wheel (not a progress bar).

I have reinstalled the operating system to no change. The genius bar says that this it is expected and in line with other products. Though he did say that my computer seemed a little slower than most.

I've had a macbook air 13inch in the past, and the boots, restarts were snappy, and the wake-ups were almost instantaneous.

I have heard that 11inch air ssds are much slower than other computers, but mine almost seems defective. It functions perfectly well aside from that. Sound normal? Any OWC mba ssd recommendations?


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Jun 18, 2009
the next update (which I am genuinely hoping comes out soon) fixes this. I have a 2010 13" air, and ever since upgrading to lion I have had the same exact problems as you are having. I downloaded the beta for my mac, and it fixed the long delays when waking from sleep. Just hold tight :)
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