12" 1.2 Ibook vs 14" 1.33 Ibook for me?


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Apr 12, 2005
I'm getting an Ibook next week! I'm switching from PC to Mac. I can't decide whether to spend the extra $250 on the 14" or not. The 14" has two advantages to the 12" as I see it 1) the screen is bigger (even though the resolution is the same) and 2) it is a faster processor. How much of a difference does the 1.33 processor make than the 1.2?

The biggest strain I'll be putting on this computer is multitrack audio recording from an 8 input Presonus Firepod using Cubase LE software. I won't be using too many VST instruments. I'll also be doing a lot of web design, and some minor photoshop stuff.

Thanks for your help!

mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
I don't know too much about the processor speed differences but another POI is the superdrive in the 14 inch. Will you be needing to burn DVDs?

I can't imagine the difference is all that great, they get reasonably similar x-bench results although this isn't always the best way of comparing.


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Apr 13, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
I just used 14" for a week.

In the school i worked, teachers are getting new apple from education government. They returned old 12" G3 and get a 14" G4 ibook.

Process really makes little difference in ibook, also, the 14" one is heavy. If I were you, I would wait until next month to buy new model 12" ibook. If the rumors about upgrading from apple are all correct. and save that 200 dollars to buy an extra memory chip. That increase overall performance a lot!

With same resolution, you might find smaller screen is more clear in display.

However, it also depends on your job. Will you travel all the time, or most of time you just sit in office. the former you do need a smaller one.

This stage I might wait and see if new ibook coming. I have to decide 12" or 14" as well. if the new model of 14" got higher resolution, it worth trying.but i am sure the price will go up as it use a higher quality 14" screen


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Mar 4, 2005
London, UK
A friend of my has a 1.2 12" iBook and he runs Reason on it with no problems. He's got 768mb RAM and an 80Gb harddrive. And I've got another friend who runs Logic Express on his 1.0 12" iBook without any difficulties as long as he doesn't run too many pluggins, but he had to get a firewire drive as he's only got 30Gb.

If you have to stick to this sort of price range I'd up the RAM and the Harddisk space rather than pay more for a bigger screen with is no bigger in terms of resolution and a minimally faster processor.

I went for the 1.5 12" Powerbook as I knew I'd want extra screen space, I dual screen it with my old 17" CRT Monitor when I'm at home (you'd need some kind of hack to do it with an iBook as it only mirrors) but sI till have the compactness to carry it around.

Playing the waiting game is a difficult choice, but if you write music you can get on with it now rather than waiting 1, 2, 3 or months for the upgrade to come out.


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Apr 13, 2004
New York
Supposedly the iBooks are going to be updated next month or so, so i would wait to see what Apple brings out next. But if your in a rush to get it, get the 14".


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Oct 5, 2004
As far as the screen size gos. I use the 12 inch ibook as a desktop replacement! I used to have a 15 inch view sonic screen with 1024x768 res on my old pc. And i can honestly say this ibook does fine. I dont notice any lack of screen. The screen is great on this thing. I also like that its a 12 inch for portability. I just throw it in the sleeve i got for it and go to the library. The 12 inch ibook is light and portable. I HIGHLY recomend the 12 inch over the 14 inch. Its got a 80 gig hdd and a 1.2 processor. Its plenty fast and the 1.33 in the 14 inch will be hardly noticable at all if any. The biggest performance gain your going to get in the ibooks is ram! Fill it with ram. At least 512. 768 being ideal for me anyway.


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Mar 26, 2005
Somerset, UK
As my sig states I have a 14" but I am considering whether to sell it fairly soon and go down to a 12". Its the smaller size of the 12" that appeals to me now. That being said, its not like the 14" is huge or anything :D

I guess it all depends on the updates that are about due on the iBook. Personally, if I was you I would hold out a little longer...



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Jan 23, 2005
Get the 12" iB. Spend the extra cash on 1 Gig of RAM & AppleCare, and consider waiting for the new updated line.

If not, check Apple's on-line store for some refurbs.
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