12 Hour Text Message Lag??

Kurt Hustle

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Jul 16, 2007
I'm a heavy texter but noticed at around 1130pm last night..my incoming texts stopped working. I sent a few outgoing ones...but received nothing back...I then fell asleep, woke up this morning to my amazement and didn't have any new messages. I usually also have my aim messages forwarded also...I then asked someone on aim to send me a few messages so I could be sure they weren't going thru, they weren't. Then out of nowhere I receive about 75 correctly timestamped texts...going all the way back to when it stopped working last night. Very odd, has this happened to anyone else? Does that sound like a phone or network problem? It seems to work fine now. Sorry if it's a dumb question...just don't like 12hr lag in my texts, especially since I gave up AIM on other devices and was forced to rely on texts on iPhone. Thanks in advance.


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Mar 17, 2005
London, England
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it's a network thing.