12'' ibook or 12'' powerbook


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Feb 23, 2005
I've never owned a mac befoe, need your professional adives on buying ibook or powerbook.

I'll use mac to do some basic graphic and movie editing. I know the 12'' 1.2ghz ibook g4 is good enough to do all that, but since the tiger will release soon, i am not sure whether the currrent ibook 12'' can fully support it or not. And Ibook does not support dual screen, i do some a software can help ibook to support dual screen, called spanning doctor, but do not know how theis software works, and someone told me this software might reduce speed.

From mac buyer guide, ibook will upgrade soon, don't know how it might be.

I like powerbook's design, it is really cool. And powerbook can satisfy all my requirements, for sure, and can fully suport tiger,Since the 1.33ghz 12'' powerbook is reduced to 899pound in the uk. And the current ibook 12'' is 699pound, can't decide.

If i go for the powerbook, don't know go for the 1.33ghz 12'' powerbook or the new 1.5ghz 12'' one. I need to update memory to 512 if i buy 1.33ghz powerbook, it gonna cost 50 pound. can't decide.

One more thing to ask, is anyone know will ibook change the design when apple update it nest time? The ibook's design haven't been changed for nearly 4years.
Need your advises. Thanks!


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Dec 27, 2002
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Either will suit you fine, but I'd wait until the iBooks get upgraded to see if they get a better video card. If they get a video card that supports Tiger, then get an iBook. If not, then a 12" Powerbook is fine. I'd get the reduced price Powerbook even if a new one comes with 512MB of RAM. That's not enough anyway. You'll need to get more, so just get the cheaper PB and more RAM, but only if the iBooks don't come with a CoreImage compatible video card.
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