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Feb 21, 2019
I have an iPhone Xs Max that is still under AppleCare+ coverage. I dropped it, the back was cracked, but the front was fine so I put off getting it fixed. A couple weeks ago though, I took it to the Genius Bar to get it fixed. To my surprise, they just gave me a brand new phone instead of replacing the case. Okay, fine by me. I paid my $99 or $129 or whatever it was and was on my way.

Today, a notification popped up on my phone that my purchase entitled me to 12 months of AppleTV+ for free. I thought that was for new devices only and I figured I would take advantage whenever I upgraded my phone next. But I guess the AppleCare repair triggered their system (I haven't bought anything else recently). Not bad and I'm looking forward to checking out the few shows they've released so far.


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Jul 18, 2011
since they gave you a refurb, the backend probably doesnt differentiate it from buying an apple device from the refurb store or applecare. This happened to me during the days of free iWorks to new devices - a warranty replacement got me the free apps.
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