12" Powerbook Bags/ Crumpler Bags?


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Sep 28, 2003
Heard a lot of good things about these bags and was thinking of getting one. I have a 12" Powerbook and usually carry an external HDD, Ipod, PDA and a binder and a couple of notebooks. I was looking at the "Wack-o-Phone" or the "Very Busy Man" but not sure which would fit my needs better because I don't want the bag to be bigger than necessary. Does anyone here own these bags?

Or is there any other one you would like to recommend?


Very Busy Man


Edit: Also where would be the cheapest place t get these bags?


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May 3, 2004
In NZ you can buy them from http://www.photo.co.nz/newprods/newcrumpler.htm and they seem to be wierdly a lot cheaper than the aussie crumpler website prices, but I'm not complaining :) I think they do international shipping and take the gst (tax) off the price, so I guess it would depend on how much shipping costs to see if it was worth getting sent to where ever you live. I have a crumpler sheep scarer for my 12" powerbook and its great. Carrys my lunch, powerbook, wallet, some thin notebooks and a jersey. My b'friend has been looking at either a very busy man or a wack-o-phone for his 15" powerbook. From looking at them I would prefer to have a wack-o-phone for a 12" cos the very busy man seems quite large, but it depends how large your binder and books are. The wack-o-phone seems to have comparable space to my sheep scarer. There are lots of reviews online if you search on google and I remember reading another good review on these forums. Only problem I have with mine is that it zips at the back so its a real pain if you want to get your wallet or anything out quickly as you have to take the whole thing off to get anything out. Might get a Weetons to fix this problem.

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Oct 15, 2003
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I have the Very Busy Man, although I've since found I prefer McBain's Lovechild (another Crumpler bag). The VBM is very large - the laptop pouch alone is likely big enough to hold a 17" Powerbook (I've got a 15" PB).

The problem I found with having a big bag is that I found myself carrying too much unnecessary junk around just because I could, which of course meant an unnecessarilly heavy load. I'm much happier with the McBains because it forces me to think about what I really need to bring along and what I can do without.

However if you actually need all that stuff, then the VBM is a great bag. Crumpler bags all seem to be very well constructed, very protective of your computer, and they look cool to boot.

In the US there are resellers such as ebags.com and bagyou.com - they tend to be cheaper than Crumpler's USA prices. I've bought from both, and am a happy customer.

Edit: My good experiences with Crumpler computer bags convinced me to try out one of their camera bags when I was in the market for a new one. I must say I love my Budgie Smuggler - it's as well made and well thought out as their computer bags.


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Aug 16, 2004
I got the Roll-O-Notes, and I love it! Small enough for me, fits the 12" perfect, and has lots of other compartments for cables, ipod, BT mouse, etc. Although if you wanted to fit some textbooks or something in there, you'd have a hard time.

Got it brand new on eBay for $65, which is way lower than the crumpler price.


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Feb 23, 2004

I have a weebee and i have a few problems with it.
#1 don't like how loud the velcro is.
#2 when there's no laptop in the bag, it's really uncomfortable to wear. has to have adequate weight in it to be comfortab.e
#3 There's something about the little handle on the bag that makes it awkward to carry that way.

It's really expensive but that's pretty much with any laptop bag that you buy (well except for the really ugly targus ones)
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