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Nov 3, 2009
After everything I've read about the 13 pro camera follies, I've considered looking at 12 pro max. I just have a few questions I'm musing. Finding some nice swappa deals on the 12 pro max.

1. Does the 12 pro images suffer from the same over sharpening and lens commandeering that plagues the 13 pro? Some of the images I've seen here on this forum are shockingly BAD. One of the main reasons I'm looking at the 13 is the camera upgrades.

2. It's believed that the two issues I listed in question 1 are caused by software (the camera app). If this is the case, isn't any iphone that upgrades to iOS 15 going to inherit those problems, particularly the 12 pro because it has a similar lens configuration? If some of that processing is baked into the raw files, that's another issue entirely.
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