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    My name is Will Evans, I'm 12 years old and I live in the UK. On December the 10th I had finished coding my first application Stick Suicides! which I then submitted to the App Store. Me and my Dad went through all the hard processes of signing up waiting a few days for the activation email. Scouring the house for banking information and then finding we hadn't entered it correctly! We got it finally correct and then looked on forums around the Internet and it said it can be a few weeks for the information to be accepted. Me being adventurous logged back into iTunes Connect and checked the status and the green tick had appeared, I shouted to my Dad and he came running. He said, "Wow" and I couldn't believe it was that quick! I then decided to try my luck submitting my application! I went through the description and title, keywords and price! I then refreshed the page and it was still Waiting For Review! I thought , "Oh well at least it's submitted and ready!" The next day I wa at school and I came home, launched iTunes Connect and there it was Ready For Sale! I almost fell of my chair with excitement! I told my Dad and he was very impressed! I said, "By next year, I hope I will have sold 100 apps!" He thought it was a high expectation! The next day I got my first Sales Report! I had sold 20! I was so pleased. A few weeks later I released Stick Death Clips which was also selling 20 a day! I then released MW2 Companion which sold 10 a day and 20 at weekends! By now I was selling 40+ a day! I had been paid for December, January and Febuary I an awaiting March's Financial Reports! I have just released iTodo! Visit my website http://willevansapps.co.uk

    By now I have made: £1236 ($1877)

    I have sold: 3016


    Will Evans

    P.S Subscribe to my feed by visiting http://willevansapps.co.uk

    Support me by visiting my website ^^
    And Buying my applications!
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    How long did it take you to learn Objective-C?
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    Congratulations! This must be a great experience for you, at such a young age :)
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    2 Weeks
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    How did you do it? Online? Books? Because I'm really interested in starting... ;) Thanks!
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