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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Harlowgold1, Jun 22, 2017.

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    Well, I'm ready to say goodbye to my mid 2012 15" MBP. It's been wonderful, but I'm tired of lugging this brick around! I was thinking of the 13" MBP w/512ssd and 16gb RAM. Here is my dilemma...I love the finger print reader and the touch bar looks cool. But will I use it? Someone said the plastic on the touch bar makes the system get very warm?!? The second question I have is should I jump to the I7 over the I5? Will I notice a difference? My current MBP is 2.3 MHZ w/an I7. I'm not techie at all and I would appreciate any and all advice...Thanks friends, Jenny :oops::oops::oops:
  2. Nave29 macrumors member

    Sep 12, 2014
    You will definitely be using Touch ID a lot. Touch bar is pretty divisive... in my opinion if you can afford it get it. I never used the function keys so it's nice at least having the potential for them to be more.

    Never heard of or experienced system getting warm because of the touch bar on any that I have used/owned.

    If you're not a techie you probably don't need anything more than the base. All based on what you do with your mac.
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    Your 2012 will run circles around that 2017 with certain CPU-heavy tasks (where as the SSD and GPU performance of the 2017 will run circles around the 2012.) However, whether you notice a dramatic difference will probably depend on how you use the computer. What tasks do you use it for now, and what tasks do you plan to use it for in the future?

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