iPhone 13.3.1 deleted all my Limited Edition Activity Awards


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May 2, 2004
I just updated to 13.3.1 this morning, and I noticed I suddenly didn't have very many activity stickers in Messages.

Turns out, I've lost all my limited edition Activity Awards (National Parks Day, New Year's, Veterans Day, Heart Health, etc...) I had almost all of them to date.

Confirmed that my sister-in-law has just experienced this loss as well, wondering if anyone else has. I searched but didn't find any discussion.

I believe this is an iOS issue, not a Watch issue as it JUST happened after I updated iOS. Tried rebooting and everything.


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May 2, 2004
Which Messages are you referring to?
The Messages app in iOS. There are Activity stickers availble for use in that app, and you get unique ones for the limited edition awards. After updating iOS, the Activity stickers available to me are very few. None of the good ones pertaining to limited edition Awards, and in Activity app itself all my limited edition awards are gone. I still have the monthly ones and some others, but not the special ones I've earned.

My sister-in-law reported that she got hers back after force-quitting the Activity app and reopening it, but I've tried that twice and a full restart with no luck.


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Mar 6, 2009
Atlanta, GA USA
Thanks for explaining. I have Stickers turned off so I wouldn't have noticed anything different. Maybe it will show up over the next day or so for you as part of repopulating items after a major system upgrade. Good luck!


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Aug 5, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
I had the same issue with all my Limited Edition Challenge awards not showing in the Activity app. I did manage to resolve it though, so maybe this will work for you.

  1. Settings > [Your Name] > iTunes & App Store > Enable "Offload Unused Apps".
  2. Settings > General > iPhone Storage > "Activity" > Offload App.
  3. One the app has been offloaded, you'll see a little cloud icon next to it. Tap the "Activity" app which will re-download it and your iCloud save data. This fixed the issue for me, and now my Limited Edition Challenge awards appeared again.
  4. Settings > [Your Name] > iTunes & App Store > Disable "Offload Unused Apps".

If you're already using the "Offload Unused Apps" feature, then steps 2 & 3 above should be enough. I'm also going to assume that this also relies on you already backing up your Activity app data to iCloud (which I was doing).
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