13" air,11" air Ipad 2 +mac mini at the same tie

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    Nov 5, 2011
    Ok, for the past week I have been using a 2012 13" Air, 2012 11 Air
    an Ipad2 and a mac mini with Acer monitor....my thoughts.

    The mac mini.(mine) for a desktop that gets you into the Mac way of doing things for the least amount..(assuming inexpensive monitor) is just great, small, quiet.
    and does everything I need/want it to do, which is not a ton, but it is a great value.

    Ipad 2 (was a gift). This thing is a no brainer, for traveling it is a snap, just went to foxwoods in Ct (lost in the end) and threw it in my bag and it gives me what I need on the go, battery life is king here. Lots of stuff, short money.

    11" Air (not mine, friend loaned it to me) always wanted to try this mini beast for at least a few days...after a week, I see its appeal...the ultimate in a travel computer, perfect for airline travel...small, light, a little getting used to the smaller screen, but not an issue...and I am old...over 50.

    13" Air, (mine) just a great device, i am on my second one, probably the best all around value in the line, more screen R. E. more computer, still light, still very portable. easy to type on etc.

    I like em all... the only real achilles heal to me is the battery life on the 11" Air, for a super portable that needs to be better.

    If i had to pick one and only one...it would be the 13" Air..it just does it all.
    I am truly surrounded by Macs.:D

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