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Apr 12, 2001

The new 13-inch iPad Air has a max display brightness of 600 nits, which is 20% higher than the 11-inch iPad Air, according to Apple's tech specs for the devices.


This means the 13-inch iPad Air's peak brightness is equal to the previous-generation iPad Pro models with the M2 chip for standard dynamic range (SDR) content, but the new iPad Pro models have brighter OLED displays that can reach up to 1,000 nits for SDR content, and up to 1,600 nits for high dynamic range (HDR) content.

Peak brightness levels (SDR) for recent iPad Pro and iPad Air models:

  • 13-inch iPad Pro (M4): 1,000 nits
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (M4): 1,000 nits
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (M2): 600 nits
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (M2): 600 nits
  • 13-inch iPad Air: 600 nits
  • 11-inch iPad Air (M2): 500 nits
  • 10.9-inch iPad Air (M1): 500 nits

The brightness change for the 13-inch iPad Air was spotted by Saran, who runs the tech-focused YouTube channel SaranByte.

The new iPad Air models are available to order now and launch May 15. Key new features include the M2 chip, the front camera moved to the landscape edge, Wi-Fi 6E support, Apple Pencil Pro support, and new color options.

Article Link: 13-Inch iPad Air Features 20% Brighter Display Than 11-Inch iPad Air


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Jun 8, 2017
On the other hand, the 11” is only 17% less bright than the 13”. 😮


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Aug 24, 2017
20% brighter? I really look forward to accidentally blinding myself extra hard every time I open up the MacRumors website at night on that screen. o_O


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Oct 14, 2014
Makes sense because the 13" is almost 20% bigger than the 11".
The display is actually 40% larger in area. So it’s a plus overall for the 11”. ;)
That's not how it works.

"nit" measures brightness per area. So dividing by area to say the 11" is brighter is an error.

Put another way: If you set both 11" and 13" to show a max brightness white display, and you covered each display entirely except for one square inch, the square inch on the 13" would be brighter than the square inch on the 11".
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Jan 30, 2018
What about the opposite? What’s the minimum level of nits they support?


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Nov 25, 2017
Would have liked for both display sizes to have similar display. Hopefully the next version will have same brightness.


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May 11, 2008
Which model can go the dimmes? I use my 2017 iPad Pro on minimum brightness far more than max brightness when I’m reading in bed.
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