13 inch MacBook Pro needs to be separated from the 16 inch MacBook Pro

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Mar 20, 2018
In the buyers guide, the 13 inch MacBook Pro needs its own area. Because of the recent release of the 16 inch MacBook Pro, it shows “buy now”, but the 13 inch MacBook Pro is a few months old now, and I bet it would say “caution“ or even “don’t buy”.


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Jul 29, 2011
In the buyers guide, the 13 inch MacBook Pro needs its own area.
It's worse than that: arguably the 13" MBP is two products - the entry-level, 2-port, low-power processor model and the higher-end, 4-port models have significant differences and, critically, have had different release cycles... maybe Apple will have a clean sweep this summer, but equally it might get more complicated as they phase in the scissor keyboard...

Personally, I'd take an axe to the Buyer's Guide sub-section in its current form: it doesn't really do what it says on the tin and "guide buyers": an estimate of where a product is on an ill-defined "product cycle" based on rumours is an interesting discussion point, but not a sound basis for a Buy/Don't Buy judgement, and it gets totally pole-axed when a curve ball like the 16" MBP or new BTO options appear. It would be fine on the (far more useful) "Roundup" page where there is some context.

The only vaguely reliable product cycle from Apple at the moment is that there will probably be a new iPhone every September.

What would be more useful as a "Buyer's Guide" would be an at-a-glance feature comparison chart of each product category, hot-linked to the "Roundups", to answer the "What Mac do I get for occasional HD video editing?" type questions. That would be even more useful for the current mish-mash of new, "Pro", "Max", "Air" and last-year's model iPhones and iPads.
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