13 inch MBA or rMBP


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Aug 31, 2010
I currently use a 2009 15inch MBP, but now looking to upgrade.

I would like to go for something a little more portable than my current MBP so am looking at dropping down in size to either the 13 inch MBA or rMBP, but i can't decide between them.

My main uses are really just day to day web browsing, skype, watching movies, and perhaps a small amount of gaming once in a blue moon. I don't do any video or photo editing or anything like that.

However, my biggest issue is storage space. Due to the amount of movies and photos I have I am currently using 530Gb of my 750Gb HDD on my MBP

I realise i could store everything on an external drive, but i dont see the point as its just something extra you have to carry around, that isn't backed up!

I also thought about buying a mac mini to go along with my setup as a storage server, just the basic model and put in a bigger hdd. I could then use this as itunes server using homesharing, and just transfer items across when i want them, movies etc

Or perhaps a Raid Drive that supports itunes server?

What would you suggest i go for in my new setup?

Thanks in advance


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Jan 26, 2010
For your needs, A MacBook Air would be able to handle what you would throw at it. The rMBP is obviously the more powerful computer but it is definitely overpriced and simply not THAT much better. It has the same amount of storage and the same GPU. A retina display and a faster processor do not justify the $500 price increase in my opinion. The MBA at $1199 is still costly. rMBP is highway robbery.


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Apr 5, 2012
London, The United Kingdom
or if you like the name pro and don't care about the weight and want the slightly more powerful 2.5Ghz then grab the cmbp, thats what I did, I think most people on here expected there to be little price difference or more if there was a dGPU in the 13 rmbp.
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