13 inch MBP or MBA to run Windows

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    I am slowly becoming a complete Apple convert (iPhone was the gateway drug). My first iPad should be here any day and my 15 inch MBP bought last August is working out great. I needed to get an ultraportable for my work travel and decided to go with the Lenovo x220. I need Windows for work and figured it made more sense. Well, even as solid as that is, I just like the Mac build and trackpad that much better. I am going to send back the Lenovo and get a Macbook to run Windows on along with OSX.

    Here is where I am at. Price is somewhat a concern, but really I am playing with about $1400 which is what the i7 Lenovo with IPS screen priced out at. I would really prefer the Air's portability, but spending that much money on a C2Duo is what is really holding me back. I would upgrade RAM to 4GB on the Air, but would run Windows out of Boot camp and not bother running VM Fusion. From my quick research, installing Windows on the Air is a slight pain, but not too bad. The plusses are obviously the size, screen upgrade, and SSD, I won't need much room anyway as I have a backup hard drive and will use my 15 inch as my main computer.

    The other option is the 13 inch. What drives me nuts about that is it is not "that" much smaller than the 15 inch and it still bothers me they did not update the screen on the last refresh. On the flipside, I get the newest processors and an easier Windows 7 install.

    You guys were very helpful when I finally pulled the trigger on my first MBP, so I would appreciate any insight and particularly info on running windows on the Air.

    Finally, I have heard some rumors of a possible processor upgrade for the Air in June. What is Apple's return policy? Do I have 30 days to swap out or is that wishful thinking? If the Air came out with a Sandy Bridge version that would make this decision easy.

    Thanks in advance for the input.
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    Check out a Mac booted into Windows before you take the plunge.

    The trackpad driver is not nearly as refined as it is in OS X. You may be OK with it, or it may drive you completely crazy.

    For a strictly portable machine that is a second computer, the C2D in the 13" is more than good enough. You'll notice the extra screen resolution and SSD far more than you ever will the difference in processors.
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    Thanks for the quick response. Is the scrolling choppy? It actually is on the Lenovo already. I will have to check one out. The C2Duo thing is almost more of a mental block. I always seem to buy above what I need from a technology perspective, but this time I am thinking practicality needs to win out, which is the Air.

    Edit: One other quick question. Is there a way to use the optical drive on my MBP to put Windows on the Air rather than putting Windows on a USB or buying an optical drive.
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    I am set on getting the 13 inch Air. Now I am stuck wondering if I should wait out this June rumor or not. Even if I am okay with the C2Duo, I am concerned about missing a price drop on that model (although I would love a Sandy Bridge model). Never easy buying technology. :rolleyes:
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    Unless you don't have the money for the upgrades ;)

    But it's good that you're getting the Air; I would say to wait for the refresh; sites are reporting that they should be getting one with a Thunderbolt port and I'm assuming iCore processors as well.

    If you can wait, I'd wait; it only takes a few stories with actual sources to confirm possible dates of upgrades; that's all you need. Plus it doesn't seem like you need it now, if not, go ahead and wait.

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