13" keyboard allowing use of iPad without case or a need to put inside a folio

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by h00ligan, Apr 17, 2016.

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    I'm looking for options to get a keyboard which allows the use of an iPad nude or with a skin - that doesn't require a folio style install, and doesn't require a hard case lock in.

    So effectively it has to be able to be placed in like the Logitech ultra thin style.. Or like the air 1 zag keyboard ideally.

    Zag for some reason took that design and then turned it into the slim book which added a rear case, in the case of the larger pro this part weighs not much under half a pound,

    I have the less expensive JTech on order from Amazon, that has a rear shell like the zag but maybe it weighs less, not sure, but at least it's 1/5 the price if I have to compromise at least I won't pay a ton

    The issue with the apple keyboard for me is two fold, while I do like the actual Smart Keyboard compared to the smar keyboard of the small pro, which I find terrible. The problem is lack of backlight, caps lock key, and angle of the iPad when typing , along with generally several other limitations. For the money it's just not good enough. If the apple solution was 50 bucks or so I'd stick with it, but four the better part of 200 they need to do better, and I think too many better solutions will eventually arise.

    I don't need Bluetooth, I'd prefer backlight but if the price and other features are right that's not essential.

    The bottom line is I don't get whata's happened. There used to be a dealers choice of keyboards you could either insert the iPad into a hinge or stuck magnetically.

    I'm starting to think the Microsoft universal may be the only realistic answer, and that design doesn't look great but it ticks most of the boxes and the price is , while not low, lower than many others..\

    Thanks for any advice - I don't really want to use more than a skin on the pro, it's just about manageable for people my size out of the box, but increasing another half pound makes it not great when using as a tablet..

    Oh one other thing, the Zagg solution has much better shortcut keys and options than the apple keyboard, that's a definite plus - the overall weight of the Zagg aside from the rear shell which I've discussed is also quite hight.
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    I was on the same quest recently. I wanted a keyboard option for my 12.9 Pro that would not prevent me from using it as a tablet (which is what it is intended to be). That immediately ruled out keyboard CASES. These cases are intended to be installed and semi-permanent... not designed to have the iPad repeatedly inserted and removed. There's also the question of what do you do with the case "carcass" when using the tablet.

    Keyboard cases also add significant weight and bulk to an already large device.

    Comparing all current options, I decided upon a combination of Apple Smart Keyboard (ASK) and the Apple Smart Cover, and go with a thin clear skin for the back to protect from scratches and improve grip. When I'm around the house, I use the Smart Cover. When I'm out, and specifically going to the office, I'll take the ASK. When I want to use the Pro as a tablet while I'm out, I simply detach the keyboard, flip it around and reattach it. This results with the outer cover of the ASK facing out. (It's an old trick I used with my Surface and TypeCover)

    The ASK is the thinnest and lightest option that offers a full keyboard. I understand the complaints about the lack of shortcut keys and backlighting. And I agree. I made the decision to the portability of this option far outweighs those deficiencies.
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    Thanks that's where I'm leaning. I think though for now as I'm laid u- Ill just do the Smart Cover, as the soft keyboard is really good on the large size The Smart Keyboard just doesn't work well,for,me die to,the angle mostly. And it's very expensive. But I think I'm going to do a leather skin. I'll try the JTech but that's going to be the last one. The Zagg case portion is 6.5 oz. I'm surprised nobody has brought out a scratch protecting case like the scarff for iPhone, and who ever they ripped that design off from, I'm sorry I can never remember the original just the scarff

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