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Sep 20, 2014
Hey guys,

So I know this will be a tad biased, considering I am posting in the MBP section, however I did not know where else to post this thread, so I apologize if it is in the wrong area.

I am looking to purchase my first Mac in the next few months, but for a while now I've be driving myself insane deciding which one I should buy. I am a (UK) college student and currently studying Graphics Design. The course isn't exactly demanding, nor is it a requirement to have a Mac to do the course - but they do say it could be helpful should you 'need' to take work home; we do use 2013 27" Top Spec iMac's at college though. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but they're not as spectacular as I imagined them to be - I've always had a thing for the MacBooks.

I am an aspiring recording artist, and I would like to start off by filming a few covers with a professional set up, then editing it with Logic on my new system, but I'm not sure which would be better. I would also be using Final Cut for simple yet professional editing - and overlapping the tracks to the video to make decent covers for YouTube. I will also be using Photoshop to make some thumbnails, banners and channel art (but nothing TOO serious and professional) - and (should I need to), finish some college work at home.

Like I said, it is not NEEDED for my course, as they are supplied already and most outer work is only hand-drawn coursework and so on.

I told myself it might be nicer to get the iMac to put in my room, as it will look the 'part' in my room. Not only is it an attractive piece of kit, but it's stationary - meaning when I do work I am completely concentrated and non-disturbed. Though that doesn't sound too inviting, as I don't want to be confided to one room - and I like to move around. I want to travel too, which would be an ideal reason to get a MacBook as it is obviously portable. I also like the fact I can move around the house with it.

I was thinking about both devices being mid-based in the smaller sizes as that's more or less within my price range.

In conclusion:

-I prefer smaller models
-I like the thought of portability
-No heavy graphics work will be done.
-Primarily used for social use, shopping, editing videos/vocal recordings

Does anybody have any recommendations? I appreciate all the help I can get.



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Apr 4, 2011
Austin, TX
Go with the 13" MacBook you can use it in clamshell and hook it up to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse if you also want that desktop feel for homework.


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Apr 25, 2005
Canada, eh!
Get the Macbook Pro. You won't be limited to where you can work with/use it. The convenience factor more than outweigh any benefits of a desktop.
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