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Mar 11, 2009
Just had a quick question regarding the worthy-ness of this deal.

I found a 13" MBA with the above specs the only thing wrong is it doesn't turn on and you can't charge the batter. The seller alleges it's the magsafe port, which I looked it up and is like a 15-20 dollar part and a relatively simple repair. Does this sound like a good deal, I plan on just re-selling.

My main concern is that I buy it, and it turns out to be something else, not the mag safe. Do you think I can sell it as is broken for atleast my money back? That's all my question really is..

Thanks for your input!!!


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Jun 12, 2012

you buy it and it is not the magsafe....hence you waste $400. I would never buy a broken electronic for any amount of money. If that was the only problem, the owner would fix it and sell it at double that price


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May 4, 2012
If something appears too good to be true.....

The seller could take it to Apple and have them fix it and have a usable MBA to use or sell.

No brainer. It's a PT Barnum deal.


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Jul 1, 2010
If you want to roll the dice, get the seller to give you something in writing stating that you can return the MacBook for a refund if you get the MagSafe port fixed and it still doesn't work. The seller may or may not honor the agreement, but I would think it would give you a leg to stand on in court if you had to sue them.

Probably more hassle than it's worth, but thought I would throw that out there. :)
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