13" MBA sleeps while open, operates while closed

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Skins, Mar 28, 2011.

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    I have already scheduled an Apple Store appointment for this, but I'd like to get some insight on what exactly happened to my MacBook Air.

    It is the 13" model with 4GB RAM (but not ultimate), purchased in December 2010. Almost every day I have been running Parallels with Windows XP on it to play MapleStory and have had no problems other than a slightly noisy fan, which cuts out as soon as I close the game. Today I was doing the same thing, when all of a sudden everything (not just the game but the entire computer) started to lag very bad and the fan became much louder than ever before. Then it shut off, and would not turn on.

    I tried all the methods suggested by the Apple support website for portables that don't turn on, and none of them worked. I had then closed my MBA, and use a different computer. I noticed the apple glowing so I opened it up and saw it was turning on by itself. The fan was still going insanely loud, even at start up, and when it was done starting up I noticed everything was laggy still. I tried to restart but it ended up shutting off by itself and not turning back on again.

    After a while I closed it, and noticed that as soon as it closed, it turned back on. But when I opened, it shut off. At this point the fan was no longer noticeable, it was completely quiet. So since it was actually working and not laggy when closed, I opened it up as far as it could go before it shut off (which is not that wide) and tried shutting it down, restarting it, and putting it to sleep through the menu. I confirmed it was not simply shutting down every time I opened the MBA because after putting it to sleep, opening it so that the display shuts off, and then closing it again, I could see the password screen typical of waking up my MBA.

    So... what in the world just happened? Is this covered by my warranty? Did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance.
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