13" MBP + large screen vs. 27" imac + netbook


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Oct 8, 2008
I'm looking to upgrade and I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy a 13" MBP plus a really large second screen or if it makes sense to go for a 27" imac plus a really small netbook. Basically, if you had to have only one "real" computer, would you make the smaller computer or the larger computer be the one you invest most of your money into?


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Jul 18, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
It really depends what you are going to use the computers for. You seem to really need/want a laptop, is this just for novelty or do you actually need to do real work on the go? If you're gonna need the extra power/performance on the go, you'd be better off getting the macbook. If not I'd say get the iMac/netbook.


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Dec 10, 2008
Do you need power when you are on go? If you just surf in the net and read e-mails, netbook will be fine but if you need to do e.g. photoshopping or gaming while on go, invest on powerful laptop instead.

iMac + netbook would be easier because you would have no cable mess like with MBP (display, power, USBs, FW...)


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Jun 18, 2009
That's pretty funny I was in almost the exact same situation.

I had a 13" uMBP and was going to set up dual displays for my home office. Then I thought hard about it and ended up selling my uMBP for more then what I got it from, picked up a 27" iMac and a dell Mini 10v (hackintoshed it).

Best decision ever.


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May 4, 2008
East Haven, CT
if you will be doing the majority of your work at home - GET THE iMAC.

I had the MBP/monitor setup and it was horrible. I mean, it worked, but it was such a hassle that it wasnt worth it.

There are only a few usb ports, and you need the mouse and probably a keyboard.. if you dont use the keyboard (and use the one on the MBP) then your hands will be killing you from typing on it.. its just overall not an idea situation.

I did suffer that way for a year and saved up and now i have an imac AND a mbp (and another imac and a mac mini - but thats besides the point)..

I am glad I did because i would have wasted my money on a netbook that I never used.. happy with my MBP and my imac and no wasted computer/money - because i do nee the power on the go for graphics (adobe suite)

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