13" rMBP vs. 11" MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Mac Boy-Canada, Feb 17, 2013.

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    I'm a graduating medical student about to begin my residency in July (definitely a change from when I made my username in 2004!).

    I'm looking to get either a 13" rMBP (made more enticing with the pricedrop) or a an 11" MBA. My logic is that with the price cuts, the 13" MBA doesn't make as much sense for me (if I'm going to pay for that, I may as well get the retina display and more RAM). I'll be someone who will be traveling around the hospital a lot, possibly even biking/walking to work frequently. In terms of use, I'll likely be using the notebook for internet/Word/possibly some EndNote databases and Excel - nothing too onerous, I'm a heavy DropBox user too, so storage isn't a big deal. In addition, I have an external monitor that I use when I need more screen real estate/have a bunch of windows I need open at once.

    I've seen the two at the Apple Store, and while I love the size of the 11", I love the screen of the 13". I would likely buy either refurbished.

    Any thoughts on the portability of these devices for day-to-day use? In addition, if I went with the 11" MBA, I could also afford to get an iPad for reading publications. Thoughts on these devices for use in medicine as well?
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    After owner a 11 MBA, I would pick the MBA over the rMBP ONLY IF the MBA had battery life like its older brother.

    Since it doesn't, I'd pick the rMBP all day any day
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    Soliciting opinions on similar devices is one thing but asking about 2 different sizes is another. It's completely subjective.

    Both will do what you need but they are your eyes. I for one could not use an 11" display.

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