13" TB Bootcamp performance improvement

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mikeo007, Dec 10, 2016.

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    This is just a heads up for anyone who has installed bootcamp in their 13" TB MBP and are experiencing some performance issues. It's most prevalent in games, but it also causes some other issues like being unable to max out display brightness.

    When you install bootcamp, open device manager in Windows 10 and check the date on the drivers for the Iris 550 graphics. There's something wrong with the drivers that Windows 10 automatically updates to, and you need to roll back to the older driver in order to get the correct performance. You're looking for a date in July 2016 for the drivers. Windows installs drivers with a November 2016 date. If you have this date, there should be an option to roll back drivers.

    Doing this allowed me to achieve the maximum backlight brightness, and also gave me 2-3x the frame rate in games like Overwatch (~30fps to 70-80fps).

    You can also tell if you're on the wrong drivers by checking the Intel Graphics utility (little blue icon in the notification area). If you go into the "3D" settings section, you should have options in there to adjust between Performance, Quality, and Balanced. If you don't see those options, you're on the wrong driver revision.
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