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    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was originally released in Japan in early 2008 on Sony's PSP system. It was an expanded version of the second Monster Hunter Freedom game, which was itself an enhanced portable version of the Japan-only Monster Hunter 2 for PlayStation 2. While the series had gone relatively unnoticed on the PS2, it steadily picked up popularity in its handheld installments. With the release of this game, the series exploded in popularity in Japan, selling over a million copies in the first week alone, and establishing the series as an icon of modern Japanese popular culture, a position it still enjoys to this day. Not bad for what amounts to an expansion pack.
    After taking on a mission and departing Pokke town, you'll travel to whichever destination the mission takes place in automatically. These places are large maps made up of several smaller interconnected areas, and cover a variety of terrain types such as snowy mountains, volcanoes, deserts, and jungles. You'll start off in your camp area where you can access your bed and a couple of special item boxes. Each mission has a time limit, and you need to accomplish your goal before it runs out. If you happen to run out of health during a mission, the cute little Felyne characters will drag you back to your camp. You'll incur a time and reward penalty, but you're free to try again if you have enough time left. Once your goal is met, you'll be given your reward and transported back to the town.
    You can choose between 11 different types of weapons, each with their specific strengths and weaknesses. You will need to play very differently depending on the one you choose, but there's no penalty or loss for changing weapon types, so feel free to keep a variety on hand to suit the needs of each mission. You can't change your gear while you're in a mission, though, so it's good to have a fallback weapon that suits your personal playstyle for cases when you're not sure what will be best. Some of the weapons allow you to run, block, roll, or use items when they're unsheathed, while others restrict you heavily at the cost of power. No one weapon has it all, so you're always going to have to work around drawbacks, no matter what you bring. If only you could somehow have four different weapons to work with, some of those bigger monsters might go down more easily.
    Sooner or later, you're going to run into monsters that test your skill a little bit too much. As I mentioned, no one weapon does it all, but if you could bring in a few, you can probably cover most weaknesses. Well, for the first time in English on a handheld system, it's very easy to play online multiplayer in the iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. All you need is a WiFi connection, no extra console required. Up to four players can join together to take on a variety of missions with some truly amazing spoils. Like everything else in the game, playing effectively as a team takes a careful, planned approach. You can hit each other if you're not careful, and most groups of hunters are only a few bad swings away from things going completely bananas, especially against some of the more powerful monsters. If you work well together, however, the rewards are great, both in terms of items and personal satisfaction. This is where the series shines brightest, and it works perfectly in this version.

    It's absolutely fantastic. The bump in resolution has had no effect on the framerate, so everything looks great and runs smoothly, even against big chunky monsters. The excellent music and awesome sound effects are all here, and, like other English versions of the series, the translation is top-notch, with lots of funny text and no glaring problems with readability. Like reading this review, getting completely into Monster Hunter Freedom Unite requires patience, but once you understand the game, it's basically a bottomless pit of enjoyment, as the massive thread in our forum will attest to. You could spend literal hundreds of hours playing through all of the content it has to offer. This is a flawless version of an incredible game, and my animal-faced hat is off to the people at Capcom for putting this together. From http://www.gamesfriend.net/review/monster-hunter-freedom-unite-for-ios
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    I have been gaming on iOS since 2008. This is the best iOS I have played to date. I have put more hours into this game than any other game, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. It's deeper than any other iOS game i've played. It has the best co-op. It's the best $15 i've spent on the App Store. This is a full fledged console game. The future of gaming on smartphones and tablets is looking really good.

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