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Feb 24, 2015
I am pretty confident we are going to see in the future a new 14" macbook based on the design of the 12" with bumped specs. I am expecting/dreaming maybe a 2x Core 2 Duo @1.2-1.5ghz, 16G of Ram, 1Tb SSD (That would be awesome!).

Any speculations on the release date?


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Jul 16, 2010
ny somewhere
and that confidence comes from? anything anyone says about such a macbook is speculating. until apple announces it, it's just a wish. so, not saying it won't happen, just saying it might not...


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Apr 19, 2015
My prediction is the next generation of MBP will be an amalgamation of the macbook air and current rMB. i.e. a tapered design (with screen similar to the current rMB) that is more portable but with enough space for cooling system and components (plus port section) for its 'pro' market target.

That would mean the current airs are discontinued and replaced by maybe two sizes of macbook machine (much like the 11 and 13 inch airs we have now). So maybe 12 and 14 inch screens

Of course all speculation.. best just to wait as apple does what apple does and sometimes its great, sometimes not so great... They are less about reacting to peoples wants and more about designing an ecosystem that they think people will want into...


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Apr 19, 2015
The M-5Y51 is actually pretty recent:

Why not upping the clock by 100-200mhz? should be doable. Putting a second CPU on a bigger motherboard shouldn't be an issue as a well.

But, yeah speculating and dreaming but it might come true.

I think the improvements to performance and graphics system of the next major OS release will be more of a boost than increasing the clock slightly. I have to admit that I think with my current usage of the rMB that even if it were running at a base 900 Mhz it would do me fine...

I have a surface 3 with atom x7... it runs amazing considering its something like a 2W SoC, I think if OS X is further optimized some of us would be happy with that processor...


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Mar 19, 2011
If there will be a 14" MB it will debut either alongside or subsequent to the launch of a redesigned MBP that will be offered in 14" & 16" screen sizes. I don't think the MBP line will go to a tapered design. It will maintain the current uniform thickness design it has now with iterative refinements...and will of course go thinner and lighter, probably on par with the current 13" MBA in terms of weight and thickness (probably thinner than the current MBA at its thickest point, probably 15-16mm is their aim here). Highly likely the footprint will decrease noticeably as well, taking cues from the MB. Very possibly incorporate TB3/USB-C exclusively to aid in the design goals and bring technology forward, at the expense of legacy ports like HDMI, SDXC, USB-A, etc.

If Apple sticks with 13" & 15" screens in the redesign, there will never be a 14" MB...or a 13" for that matter.

However, a very logical 2016 notebook line-up could look like this:
  • MBP - 14" & 16"
  • MB - 12" & 14"
  • cMBA - 13" (lives on for a few years unupdated from its 2015 spec)
  • cMBP - 13" (Actually a 2015 spec 13" rMBP that lives on unupdated for USB-A, HDMI, and SDXC integrated ports, replacing the the current cMBP with internal superdrive)
Short answer:
  1. If Apple does go up an inch with MBP screens - earliest calendar Q1/Q2 2016, latest Q1/Q2 2017
  2. If Apple sticks with current screen sizes with the MBP redesign - never.
There isn't going to be some crazy frankenstein dual processor MB. There may be 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD options from 2017 with Cannonlake, but I can't see it happening with Skylake, as Skylake Core M won't support DDR4 memory, and the logic board of the MB cannot accommodate two 512GB SSD modules, and we aren't at the price point yet with the 1TB modules to where Apple will put it as an option for the MB line. Also there has to be differentiation between the MBP and MB.
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Aug 7, 2013
pretty good guess i'm thinkin.

13" is too close to the 12, and 15 is already there. Then again, it could go larger than 14 (assuming of course)
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