14" rMB? What about Macbook air?


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Jun 11, 2014
Do we have any rumours about a 14" rMB? I love my 12" inch rMB, but I find the screen size a bit small. I went from a 13.3 MB Air to this. I didn't realise that the display size was 20% smaller before I got it.

I like the design, the keyboard and the looks of this beauty. I don't want to return it and use my MB air.. but I am considering it if there will a 13.3 inch or a 14 inch out soon.

Will the Airs be faced out soon? If they are I'm having trouble understanding that there just will be a 12 inch mini laptop and the Pro's that are semi-fat. I want something in between!


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Jun 7, 2012
It's not 20% smaller than the 13,3" Air. Going from 13.3" to 12" is roughly 10% difference.
And i would not expect a 14" rMB before the next generation, early 2016 some time. And that's if they phase out the Air and actually decide to make a 14" rMB.


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Sep 8, 2009
There are no rumors, just people wishing for one. For me, I had no issue going from the 13.3" screen in the rMBP to the 12" rMB.
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