15 inch Macbook Pro Retina and 4k display - Iris Pro vs. NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by onebyone, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. onebyone macrumors newbie

    Nov 17, 2007
    I am converting from a 27 Imac to a 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina and I would like to get an external 4k monitor running at 60 Hz. I have read that with Yosemite beta some folks are able to get 4k and 60hz with both the Iris Pro and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. I would love to get one of the late 2013 2.0GHz, 8gb ram, 256 flash storage deals going on now but I am not sure if with this configuration and trying to push the display if I will run into issues. I will be mainly use the computer for Graphic Design, Photoshop and a little Video. Does anyone have a similar set up and are they able to get either the Samsung U28D590D or the Dell UP2414Q to work without any issues?
  2. Persian-apple macrumors regular


    Aug 16, 2012

    I have 1012 model and 2013 model with GT750m
    you know its onboard graphics iris or even iris pro will suffer from lack of power if not in a year I bet they will suffer from lack of graphics power if
    you want a 4k display attached to your MacBook pro then go for the 15inch with gt750m just for 500extera dollar you get what?
    double the Vram
    double the ssd which is great cause its super expensive (u can sell a 256gb ssd and buy a 2TB hdd)
    a big jump in term of graphics power gt750M is faster than gtx660m with no ocerclocking required
    at last U get more cpu power

    I think MacBook pros are over priced O can find you a laptop which is about 1000$ but has gtx760m which is 40percent faster than the 2500$ mbpr
    so if you buy the one whith iris pro you pay2000dollars but compared to the gtx760m you get 40percent of the performance with means its way too much slower I have 2macbook pros and a gaming alienware 18
    I can assure you it would be a mistake to buy 2000dollar model
    at least 2500dollar one is lessoverpriced
    you can search at the notebookcheck.net to see gt750m power
    hope I helped U
  3. Angriff macrumors member

    Dec 28, 2013
    Not speaking from personal experience so I could be wrong, but I think it probably comes down to whether you're planning on using the 4K display in addition to your laptop's retina display or using it as the only display with the laptop clamshell closed. I'd expect Iris Pro would be fine driving just the 4K display most of the time, but if you regularly plan to use both displays simultaneously you'll probably wish you had the 750M.
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    Aug 1, 2009
    I have the 2013 15" rMBP with GT750m and running the Samsung U28D590D 4K UHD via the Display Port. It runs damn smooth 4K resolution @60Hz on Iris Pro and 750m.

    No lag, no stutter.

    Amazing monitor for the price (TN Panel) !

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