15" Macbook pro problematic?


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Nov 17, 2009
Hi All,

I am looking to potentially purchase a Macbook pro. Once upon a time I had a 13" MBP 2009 and found it limiting with the screen res. I am currently using my girlfriend's 2010 13" and coming form a 15" Dell with a 1920x1200 res screen this 13" feels very cosy.

I have been looking on a lot of the auction sites and local forums to see what people are selling. There seems to be a lot of 15" laptops with graphic faults, or 15" laptops from 2012 ish who have had graphic card replacements. Is this a common theme with the 15"? Ideally i would love the 13" version but the 15" comes with a quad core processor which would come in handy as I would have to run a VM as I use lots of Windows applications.

I suppose what i'm asking is that if i were to spend £700 on a second hand 15" machine or would i just be better off and putting a few £100 more and getting a new 13" ?


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Jan 12, 2004
I think the fact that there are GPU issues with the 15 stems from the fact that you can purchase a 15" with a discrete GPU, unlike the 13" which leverages the integrated CPU graphics. If that's a concern for you, GPU going bad, then you can buy a 15" with integrated graphics. It'll still have a quad CPU and the big screen, it just won't have a discrete GPU.

Plenty of online stores and Apple themselves sell open box/refurb units with factory warranties, which may be a good option for you?
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I would avoid the 15" with dGPU as it`s clearly been an issue over the years. Add to that, many will be looking to "unload" the same as many of the effected models extended warranty for dGPU failure ends February next year.

Go with a 13" or hold on for a refurbished 15" sans dGPU, avoid a used 15" unless you are extremely familiar with the systems history & usage.