15 Macbook Pro SR 128mb Updates Issue


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Jun 24, 2004
Nieuwegein, Netherlands
When I dont install any updates I get horrible Open Gl performance. The system lags in every way. When I install the update the Performance is much much better, battery life is better, but I get MANY MANY Crashes in Open GL. This includes second life, motion, and well almost ANY game. As well as wireless being flakey at best after update.

What the hell can I do? Apple has been no help! Note when I load up Vista it runs AWESOME with no crashes in anything. This is only in OSX and I have done a FRESH INSTALL.

I am about ready to quit Apple Products over this, the support and quality has gone to HECK the last 2 years. I have been an apple user for well a long long long time let say. *Sighs* Help anyone?


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Yeah, the machine is brand new and you shouldn't be having these issues - if they were widespread you'd see a glut of posts on here about them. I'd get in touch with Apple, right away. I'd go as far as pushing for a replacement if the machine is still what you'd regard as brand new.