15" MBP wTB.. How are you expanding your storage

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by gigapocket1, Sep 26, 2017.

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    I have a 15" Retina MBP.. 512 gig hard drive. And I am out of space. I previously had the older MacBook Pro and used the SD card slot to expand my storage. Mainly only used that portion for my iTunes music etc. But now. I partially think I have a system error, which at 1 minute I have 150 gigs free and 5 minutes later I'm getting a pop up that says my storage is almost full. Thats a topic for another day.
    I'm wondering what are you all using to expand your storage. Are you all using a simple uninvasive USB-C Flash drive.. Are you all going with cloud services?
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    lol.. I would have given you a thumbs up.. But that joke is kinda played out..
    I give you an A for effort though
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    If you have a lot of files that you need regular access to, consider a NAS. If it's just for archive, get an external HDD. Try get into the habit of only using your internal drive for working files, as it's a premium fast storage device. So projects you're working on go on the internal drive, and anything that doesn't need fast immediate access goes onto an external source.

    That's the way I manage it. I need around 300GB to cover apps and work files, so I have a 512GB to allow for some headroom, such as when working on large scale PSB files that add to the SSD. Completed projects get archived on an external. Ideally I'd love a 2TB internal but it just isn't necessary or efficient, and would probably lead to laziness resulting in storing everything in a single place.
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    I just got my MacBook Pro, so I’m still working through this. I’m coming from an old Mac Pro, that I had an internal 960GB SSD, 2TB and 4TB HDDs, so there is a bit of adjustment that needs to happen, and I’m still working out my workflows etc.
    For now I have put the SSD from the Mac Pro in a USC-c enclosure with my data files on it, but will move hot data to the internal. Most of the data on this drive is also synced to OneDrive, so I can still access it if I don’t have the drive with me. I also have a 4TB USB drive attached as my on site time machine target. Both are attached via a Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock.
    I think I want to migrate to a NAS or similar, but with what I just spent on the MacBook that is going to have to wait a while!

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