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Apr 12, 2001

Dell is offering 15% off select LCD's until July 2, 2003

Dell 15-inch Flat Panel LCD - $279.65 (was $329.00)
Dell Ultrasharp 15-inch LCD - $322.15 (was $379.00)
Dell Ultrasharp 2000FP 20-inch LCD - $934.15 (was $1099.00)
Dell Ultrasharp 19-inch LCD - $636.65 (was $749.00)

Dell? Yes... people seem to like their Ultrasharp monitors... and if you wanted to pick up a couple of 19-inch LCD's, you could like this guy (Dual 19" LCDs) for $1273.30.

15% off LCD's

Article Link: 15% off Dell LCD's (til 7/2/03)


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Dec 29, 2001
the Ultrasharp line of LCD's are the best in the business. They have the lowest response times, highest brightness and contrast ratios. They beat out Apple's displays in that department. And they are aggressively priced. they just dont come in a widescreen format :(
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