15" or 12" w/ dell 20" lcd for college student?

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Dec 5, 2004
I am going to be purchasing a new powerbook in august. I am debating between a 12" 100gb, 1.25gb ram, SD + Dell 20" lcd, or a Maxed out 15" 1.67 SD 2gb ram 100gb. I really love the 15" but will it be too big for the small desks in most college lecture halls? Any college student have the 15" and feel they would rather have the 12"? I have been going back and forth for about a month. I know with the lcd + 12" I will have more screen, but the 15" will have a faster processor and almost double the ram. Anyone been through this? I have a 12" right now, but really wish I had a bigger screen. Portability is a big issue for me but (from what I understand) the 15" is still very portable. I know that what ever I choose I will be very happy, but just curious what others feel. Thanks in advance. :)

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Mar 30, 2004
I had a 15" for a while and I thought it was too big for everyday use. It's only a little smaller than the 17" and trust me with your books you will feel every ounce. Since you have the LCD monitor a 12" would be ideal, I think. If you do get the 15" get a really comfortable bag (shameless plug: I got one for sale cheap). I go to the University of Minnesota and our campus is a huge urban dystopia. ;) So, yeah, be careful about what you plan to carry or your commute will be a nightmare.

So why did I get a 17"? Well, once you start using a 15" the screen real estate is addicting, and once you start using a 17" you can never go back to a 15"... so there you have it. Also I didn't have an external monitor, and it's my primary comp, so 17" was perfect for me.


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May 1, 2005
I've only ever had my 12" but that's all I would ever want! I wish Apple had an even lighter laptop, I could easily sacrifice some features if I could have an uber portable laptop. I second dferrara's suggestion to get a comfy backpack to haul stuff around. Last semester I had a shoulder bag and man, my neck and shoulders would seize up so I got the booq boa XS in June so I haven't been able to use it on campus yet; but just hauling my PB around these days is definitely no longer a "chore."


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May 25, 2004
i have the 15" for college, I have no problem with the size. I choose the 15" because it was gonna my only computer and screen. I'm not a fan having too monitors, its to confusing. If was gonna have another computer like an imac or something i would have gotten the 12". But since your planning on getting a monitor get the 12". Either way you'll get useto the size. When i first open the packaging for my 15" pb i thought it was huge but i just got use to it. Now i look at people who have the 12" thinking i could never make to with the small size of the screen.

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