15" PowerBook Screen problems


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Mar 24, 2005
I was recently given a 15" 400 Mhz PowerBook with a "busted" screen and latch. Appearantly an airport security officer tried to open it without pushing the latch release, breaking the case and blitzing the screen. Now here is my question: Although the screen shows no physical damage it appears blank when the machine is on. Yet, when looking closely, it is clear that the display is working fine, but looks the same as when the brightness is turned all the way down. When i shine a bright light either through the apple logo on the top of the case or hold it close to the screen itself i can clearly see the immediate illuminated area. Is this an example of a totally wrecked monitor or is this a problem new inverter board might fix? I would love to fix it myself, but i don't want to buy parts that won't solve the problem. Any thoughts?


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May 12, 2003
Yep. That would be a problem with the backlight. I'm not sure if you could fix that without buying a replacement display or not.


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Apr 3, 2004
This is exactly what happened to my old iBook as well - first time for no reason what so ever... it was just there one day, had been away from it for a few minutes, when I came back the screen was like you describe.
I send it back to apple and they fixed it, don't know how.

A few months later I dropped it on the floor while it was open and if I remeber correctly the it was OK in the beginning, exept for the opening between the screen and frame in the bottom that made it impossible to close. But then this strange screen behavior started again, but I could make it go away by moving the screen back and forth a bit.
Then I discovered that I could put in the adapter for the external monitor and push it downwards to make the screen work. And then that I could simply squeeze the area to the left of the trackpad...

So, to solve your problem I suggest you try to do as I - use a quickgrip to squeeze the left corner a bit :rolleyes:

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