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Jun 25, 2020
Has anyone had this happen?

2021 16" macbook pro. Never put volume over 75% or so, always very cautious with playback.

Suddenly while watching a series of youtube videos the speaker suddenly started crackling/popping during all playback rather badly. No loud clip occurred - I was just watching stuff with the laptop on my lap.

- Does not happen if I'm using airpods so I don't think it's software
- also happens on a reboot during startup chime, so i'm pretty sure it's a physical failure.

Of course this thing was purchased in like Dec 2021 so it's like 1 month out of f*ing warranty now.

Open it up and inspect for physical stuff blocking it? Ughhh.

Here's a file I recorded from my iPhone:

Sounds like this during almost all playback now. With some audio testing it seems to be mostly just bass in the 60-250hz range causing the buzzing so likely one of the bigger woofers?
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