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May 25, 2020
Hey, so I am posting 2 videos here, as you can see the top portion of the trackpad depresses (flexes) way deep into the chassis. The flex is equal to if not greater than the old clicky(push up) trackpads. I am assuming force touch trackpads shouldn't move? And if they should not by this much?

Got off with apple support on call just now, after seeing the video they say it seems normal but can only say for sure after in-person checks. Does anyone else with the same model have this issue/feature? any videos by you guys will be highly appreciated to cure this anxiety, since my city is on lockdown and I cannot effectively head out to the store.

PS : ignore the music in the video ?


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PBG4 Dude

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Jul 6, 2007
They have a slight amount of give in them. Just got my MBP (2017 15”) back from Apple today with a new top case and my trackpad operates in the same way as yours in the first video.
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