160GB classic vs. 2G nano (nano FTW!)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mcdj, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Jul 10, 2007
    My bi-monthly housecleaner brought in a new girl to help out last week. The new girl helped alright. She helped herself to my black 8GB Nano and an (inexpensive) wristwatch, and has stopped answering her phone. Gotta love people.

    Well I didn't use the Nano a ton, but I liked having it around. (I've been mostly using my iPhone, and the 160GB Classic I got with my iPhone refund money.) I also consider the 2G Nano to be Apple's finest touchwheel iPod from an industrial design standpoint. The new Nanos look and feel totally awkward to me. The 2G Nano is the last word in flash based mp3 players to date IMO, in terms of size, ease of use, battery life, and form factor.

    So today I decided I missed my Nano and it was time to find another. No small feat it turns out. Ebay is a mix of used, fakes, and overpriced refurbs. Seems like a week ago they were everywhere here in NYC, but today they were nowhere to be found.

    When I eventually found one, brand new for $173, I snatched it up. (at Digital Society, auth. dealer, 60 E10th @ B'way...they had 5 or 6 left if anyone cares)

    I got the new-old Nano home, charged it up, filled it, and started playing music. I hadn't used my previous Nano since getting the Classic, so I had forgotten what it was like. I was floored at how much smoother it operated compared to the Classic. The menus fly, the wheel responds the millisecond you touch it. It's what an iPod experience should be. On the Classic, I have to rub the wheel about 5 times to wake it up. Most of the time I give up and just click the center button. I always have the sense that I'm coaxing the Classic to do what I want, and waiting while it ponders the notion.

    As others have written, I find the Classic beyond sluggish, bloated with near useless eye candy, and lacking the basic level of touch sensitivity that has been present in every iPod preceding it. In its current firmware state, I pretty much hate the Classic. But it's 160GB. I have every song I own on it, and still have about 70 gigs free. That has been the sole mitigating factor keeping me from returning it. The 160GB Classic is like the big dumb ox you're friends with in college because he can lift a full keg over his head.

    I won't touch on the Nano's sound quality vs. the Classic. Many will argue inferiority on the Classic's part. In a bustling crowded city, they both sound pretty great to me.

    I will say that in the 3 short weeks I've owned it, I have been spoiled by the screen quality of the Classic. The Nano screen is dimmer, yellowish and the fonts are fuzzy by comparison.

    Otherwise, I'm truly baffled as to how the Classic passed QC at Cupertino. Something is seriously amiss at Apple these days. Viva la Nano!
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    May 28, 2005
    I've heard so many reports on the classic like this one, so I thought I'd check out the Apple store to see the classic for myself. They ALL had software v 1.0 on them, and the apple geeks could not upgrade the firmware as they did not have a computer to use. :eek:

    I dunno what's going on with Apple anymore, but it sure isn't good!

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