1680X1050 First Core Duo MPB VS 1680X1050 latest SR Core 2 Duo MBP


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Sep 27, 2006
Ok, so I am about to buy a 17" 2.44Ghz MacBook Pro with the standard 1680X1050 Resolution which I found online for $2,595. I currently have the 17" 2.44Ghz High Resolution Glossy Screen. I am buying it because I want to save some extra bucks, but I had a few doubts before I bought it.

I saw a screen comparison between the first Core Duo 17" MacBook Pro and the new 17" High Resolution MacBook Pro side by side. The High Resolution Screen seems to be a lot brighter than the first Core Duo MacBook Pro.

My question is (if you are knowledgeable):

Is Apple still using the same 1680X1050 screen as they used on the first 17" Core Duo MacBook Pro?

Thanks in advance


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Mar 15, 2005
Hi, I can't find any of the these deals on the High Resolution Displays only with the standard screen...
Inventory will vary throughout the day and week. I just checked a minute ago and the 17" 2.4 with HighRes screen is there once again.

Ooooh, that would be so nice!:)