17" 2011 MBP SSD upgrade


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Sep 9, 2010
My HD just crapped out on my MBP and want to upgrade to SSD----The ones that have what SSD did you go with and it seems like a 20 minute job or less!! I have been looking at this brand, Im sure there are tons out there as well....

SSD Upgrade


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Sep 25, 2014
I decided to also replace the optical drive for a second SSD (mostly just for the heck of it, and because I never use the optical drive anyway). I used a 2TB Sandisk SSD that I got during Black Friday, as well as a 480GB OWC SSD that I got very cheaply secondhand on eBay. The OWC drives are too expensive in my opinion (particularly the "pro" version). If you shop around and/or wait for a good deal you should be able to get a 1TB SSD from a good brand for around $100.

Replacing the main hard disk is super easy. Swapping out the optical drive is a little challenging, but not too bad.
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