17" Glossy and...Loved it?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RiCEADDiCTBOY, Aug 21, 2009.

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    Maybe once the matte versions started becoming available again I started second guessing my own love for the glossy screen. When I had my unibody screen...it really never caused any problems. I was scared that the 17" model with an even larger screen would by an absurd amount of glare. So randomly went to AAFES store and they had them back in stock.

    * When I used the 17" MBP I of course noticed reflections, but once I started working and typing on it - I never saw any. Why? Because your eyes become focused on what you are looking at. I worked myself over nothing. The resolution was a blast to work with and never hurt my eyes (font sizes and etc.). Was glad that I didn't have to always deal with scrolling as web pages showed in full size. Not a big deal to scroll but a joyous thing for me.

    * How is the 17" a beast compared to the 15"? It weighs barely more and slighty wider. I even had two others compare and they saw both price tags and said the 17" was surpringsly light and a better buy in their opinion vs the top of the line 15". 135 dollar difference without taxes.

    Now I haven't seen a matte screen yet. But, I guess my point I'm trying to make is that when others start discussing differences or other options are made available sometimes we cloud our own judgement and second guess ourselves...for no reason. I was talking with my friend Israel and their department with graphic designers use 17" MBP with glossy and a few matte screens here and there.
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    Jun 22, 2009
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    dude man, you need to relax... why do you need so much validation... choose for yourself
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    Go to an apple store and try both. most stores have glossy and non-glossy on display.

    Or charge both to your card, use each for a week and return the one you don't like. You'll pay a 10% restocking fee but if you're that into getting the right one then it might be an option.

    I have the 17" MacBook Pro glossy because I think the black really looks great!

    Additionally, inside my house or office i don't notice any reflections and the glass screen just looks great compared to my 30" Dell LCD (non-glossy). It's only when I go outside that it is a problem but that's what I have the Macbook air for.

    As you can see from this picture taken 2 days ago, this is how it sucks when I'm writing in the park.



    it's up to you what works better but 12 hours a day I'm inside, 3 days a week I'm outside for a few hours so it's better to have glossy for me.
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    We can all ram down his throat what we prefer but at the end of the day it is up to OP to make up his mind. There are plenty of other threads already discussing the issue, no need to start a new one.

    And if you want more people's opinions on what is better just do a search for the other thread topics that have beaten this to death.
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    Glossy is perfectly fine.
    i think they made it right this time. i had a glossy 17" pre unibody while it sharp and really nice contrast thematte version of those were alittle better in my opinion but this one is sleek and has the perfect color representation for my graphic work.

    comparing it to my 30" at work, i can honestly say it blows it away and the 30" is a awesome display dont get me wrong.

    try em out see which one you like the best.

    i dont notice any glare whatsoever on the dispaly and i use it a very lighted room and even outdoors where its practically sunny all day.

    goodluck have fun
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    The Glossy vs. Matte thing has been beaten to death on the forums. If you want more useless user opinions that state little beyond the obvious you should search the forums. Unless you need the matte and then your choice is clear since you know that you need it the choice between the two options is pretty much in the realm of personal preference.

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