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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ZMacintosh, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Nov 13, 2008
    Im curious if the keys on the 17" uMBP early 2009 are covered under any sort of warranty for early waering and blemishes?

    i barely use the keys and theyre already blemished with light oil marks and my hands are consistently clean when using the computer keyboard portable or I use a bluetooth when its docked/pluggedin/non-portable.

    ive noticed a few similar threads on this but, not sure if its worth it or if theres away to clean the blemishes off?

    the computer is barely a month old and im not sure if its a fabrication defect or what.


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    Humans make oil; fact of life.

    I'd love to hear a cleaning process for keys, though (previous-style), as mine need it.
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    mine are abit like that they have a lite glare to them in certain light.
    i should have gotten a keyboard cover..but meh, i found them flimsy to type on esp fast typing.

    id recommend just getting one perhaps if your typing style works with it just to prevent any further wear if it concerns you.

    just use some iklear to polish em off a bit and get any excess off.
    i wouldnt worry about it too much as it would be a pain to get the keys individually or as a whole replaced.

    but i do feel the pain of seeing them blemish and wear alittle too easily early on...as i love my 17" uMBP otherwise..its a dream machine :D
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    Jun 9, 2009
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    Fellow 2.66 17 unibody owner here. Yeah I noticed that the kind of plastic Apple uses for their keys seem to be like a huge oil magnet. After a while your keys become quite shiny and needs regular cleaning. Unlike my super trusty Thinkpad keyboard which never seems to get dirty.

    Anyway I also got the Moshi clearguard and been very satisfied with it. The poster above is correct, its so thin that after a while you forget that its there. It still makes the keyboard feel a little "rubbery" but its much better then the other silicon covers out there. If you want to keep your keyboard pristine then go for it. :)

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