17" MBP Bottom Flex - I Hardly Knew Ya

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by caranddriver, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    I ordered a 17" refurb MacBook Pro 2.2 4GB RAM, 750GB from Apple.com and it had bottom aluminum panel flex so bad it made noises. Fortunately, I have multiple choices for Apple Stores in the South SF Bay area and found one Genius Bar slot open in Los Gatos (the best outlet around here IMO).

    Genius took my MBP to the backroom to take a look at the panel and he said there was nothing he could do to fix it and opened a case for me to refer to when I called telephone support. He said in the case printout that it was the flex on my MBP was the "worst he has seen" and that it looked like one of the panel hooks wasn't catching the aluminum panel.

    Called Apple support and they are shipping me a replacement exchange unit FedEx overnight and I'll send the defective unit back when I get it.

    Hopefully, the replacement unit will be perfect! Outside of a defective MBP, the customer service interactions have been up to expected Apple quality.

    This is my first Macintosh computer in 22 years since a Mac Classic and a IIc before that. Already a diehard iPhone and iPad user.
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    Apple has always had *the best* customer service. They treat their customers very nicely and with respect.

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