17" MBP Speakers, Screen & SuperDrive issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RX64MACBOOKPRO, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Oct 26, 2008
    over the past week, after the graphic issue was resolved I encontered some annoyances that became issues:

    -my speakers rattle like crazy which muffles and obliterate the sound quality when playing videos on youtube, or listening on itunes, or editing a video in final cut pro! the system volume level is 8/16....
    the mac bong startup sound rattles it...

    as usual the popping noises gets worse when playing streams of audio files in final cut pro....

    -there's a terrible light bleed, crappy viewing angles and stale colors ( I prefer the warmer 9c99)

    -and finally, my superdrive went south after failing to burn 5 dvd+r dl properly and they are verbatim burned at the lowest speed

    so how should I convince my applecare rep to do a exchange? I'm within my 14 day policy...

    If I do get to exchange it at a apple store, which build week should I get? I have a week 11 and wondering about a week 10 or 12?
  2. freethinker macrumors newbie

    Mar 4, 2009
    same issues

    I've got the same light bleed issues wit all three unibody MacBook Pro 17-inch antiglare i had so far (original + 1st and 2nd replacement units)

    please check my thred:

    Since I am on my 3rd unibody MBP 17-inch with antiglare screen option (2nd replacement) , I honestly do not think that swapping it out with another will actually resolve the issue.

    I noticed when laptop is cold - the light bleed issue less obvious but still screen too far from the perfection and still there is lack of color accuracy and pinkish/reddish tint at a certain angles that causes the the colors to be saturated towards a more of a purplish look + constant slight flickering effect that actually tires out the eyes

    on top of this all I've got DEAD PIXELS on my 2nd replacement unit's screen (3rd MacBook Pro 17-inch antiglare unit I had so far)

    I don't want to exchange for another unit with the same problems anymore but at the same time I need 17-inch MacBook Pro for my projects and just before buying unibody MBP17" - got rid of my previous generation of MBP17" with PERFECT LED ANTIGLARE/MATTE DISPLAY :(

    P.S. I have updated link to my PicasaWebAlbum + uploaded new photos for all three units I had so far (original + 1st and 2nd replacement) + uploaded MacBookPro17_DisplayTest_Black_1920x1200_300dpi.jpg file I use to test display quality (you all are welcome to download this file in its full resolution using Picasa "Download" menu above image preview).


    I've left some comments in similar thread on Apple Discussions forum: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1923032&tstart=0

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