17" MBP SR chipset... nvidia 8600 gave out

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mainomega, Jul 5, 2009.

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    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi guys,
    On july 4th the MBP finally gave out. The graphics became totally corrupt, the screen started flashing, artifacts and tearing came on. Tried to restart the machine but it wouldn't make it to leopard most of the time... when it it artifacted and froze. Some times we got the message displayed on the pic.

    We called the applecare guys, they setup an appointment for the genius bar over at woodfield mall (on the 4th which was amazing to me). We took it in mentioned the symptoms, the tech ran a little program and confirmed it was the GPU. They were going to order the part and replace the logic board... We also had a problem with the lcd screen in which it had a big bright spot in the middle of the screen when we bought it but didn't want to be without the MBP so we lived with it... but they'll be replacing the screen too.

    My question: the tech said the data on our drive would be ok because the repair was going to be taking place at the apple store (woodfield mall) and they would only physically replace the logic board and the screen. They wouldn't have mess around with the software. Is that true ?
    If it isn't we already gave them the laptop but should we go back and see if they can open the MBP take the drive out and back it up somehow ? We run everything on PCs except all the creative designs are done on her MBP and unfortunately she never ended up backing up her files.

    I was going to open the MBP take the drive out and see if I could ghost it but I didn't want to take a chance of them voiding the warranty because of it.
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    You may want to repost to the thread below since this seems to be where the 8600 problems are consolidated:


    To answer your question, I had a similar problem -- GPU failure and couldn't back up my data. The replacement of the MLB and screen should not disturb the HD. The only thing I made sure of was to inform the Apple Store that you didn't get a chance to back up the data.

    Good luck.

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