17" SR MBP issues summary please


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Jun 3, 2006
One Nation Under Gordon
Looking into some new mobile OS X platforms at the moment. Obviously the MBP is being considered. It is possible that I'll be running OSX86 on some Dells or Sagers, but that's really after I've run the three side by side. The spec being ordered would be the maximum in the case of any of the above machines.

The question I have is, what new issues apart from the myriad problems with the pre-SR machines have been uncovered that I should watch out for? And has any of the pre-SR issues been resolved with the SR machines? Do they run any cooler? Are they better built?



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Apr 19, 2004
I've had an MBP17 for about 3 weeks. 4GB, 160GB 7200 HD. I have no issues with it at all. Screen is fine - no stuck or dead pixels, no yellowing (claimed to be a MBP15 LED issue only). Case is fine.

I run a lot of apps on it including parallels and win xp, adobe cs3 photoshop - illustrator - dreamweaver - acrobat pro, keynote and pages, xcode and interface builder. All running often on top of the usual suspects (mail, safari, ical, itunes, etc.).


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Apr 10, 2006
Ellicott City, MD
I upgraded from a 15" CoreDuo MBP to a 17" SR hi-res, 7200rpm drive MBP and have no issues so far. Runs a bit cooler and quieter. Can't comment on any other issues since I didn't experience any problems with the 15" other than loud fan noise. Runs everything I throw at it no problem. I highly recommend the 17" MPB.