17 uMBP - Speck Hardcase Question clear/satin

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mainomega, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. mainomega macrumors 6502

    Jun 5, 2007
    I'm looking to purchase a new speck hardcase for the 17" umbp but looking at some reviews online it seems that the clear hardcase creates a lot of static electricity (because of the material used)... which some users discharge accidentally on the connection side of the umbp. Seeing as the satin black is a little different than the clear is it still prone to create static electricity ?

    I like the look of the satin black hardcase but will probably go with the clear because of the cut-out sections where you would obviously see the original aluminium color.

    Since this case is available from apple is it safe to assume they tested it so it shouldn't be a problem when it comes to static/overheating issues? I know it isn't endorsed by apple directly but they have to take some measures if they actively sell it on their part right ?

    Thank you.
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    Dec 19, 2007
    Loved It

    I loved the satin speck shell when I ordered it. I read lots of reviews and even looked on youtube for reviews. They all had loved it. Then I noticed there were more and more reviews after my purchase that stated users were receiving scratches on their MBs due to dust being caught between the shell and MB. I opted to remove the shell from my MB and now use it naked. I think I'm pretty good about keeping good care of my stuff and I did order the Speck Messenger Bag in pinstripe. I tell you the bags that speck makes are superb. They have a nice lining inside to hold the MB and plenty of room for other stuff. Check out reviews on youtube.
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    i havent had any issues with it yet.
    remains cool and solid on my 17" uMBP.

    When i first received it out of the box it was a bit staticy; but after that never had an issue (no shocks or discharges of any kind)
    I took it off once a month since i had it in may and found relatively little dust and no scrapings from the casing.
    i got one for a relatives 15" and they do the trick well.

    I personally got it for the black color (contrasts the keyboard and aluminum body nice) and it had a nice grip to it, the clear ones did too but i felt theyd be a bit more slippery.
  4. cdaugherty macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2009
    I went with the clear and here is why -

    With the clear you can see when anything does happen to get in between the shell and the macbook. Mine was static charged when I got it as well but since does not seem too bad. Either way with the clear when you see something get between the shell and the macbook you can quickly remove and rectify the situation.

    Also look around for coupon codes from speck... I got mine for 50% off about a week ago... may still be floating around out there.

    Yeah it still works as of today - coupon code: devcamp50 buy at: www.speckproducts.com, total price $24.97

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