17 Uni-body macbook pro issues...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by LACW, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Oct 23, 2009

    need help, opinion, or similar experience from fellow 17 late/mid 2010 macbook pro owners.

    Problem 1:
    I have purchased my new 17 MBP no more than 3 month ago. Immediately I noticed the Hard drive is making small clicking sounds. It's not the sudden motion sensor. The sound comes and goes even while the computer is at idle. Took it back to apple, they said the Hard Drive is defective, then since I only owned it for a week or so, they gave a me new one.
    The new one clicks too. Since I was working on a project back then, I let it be. Almost three months, with minimal usage (only has 10 charge cycle), not even using it daily, it working fine besides the clicking sound.

    Problem 2:
    lately when the MBP is not plugged in, I will get a warning telling me that it's on reserve power, then, unlike it used to, the computer will just shut down before even going to sleep. What's more bothersome is that every time this happens, the MBP will forget the my home network and the date and time will be revert to year of 2000. tried many things suggested by others online, such as recalibrating, smc reset, none worked. One thing about recalibrating the battery. Since the computer won't go to sleep and it will just shut down, will it change the calibration steps? The uni-body battery is not removable, so there's no quick way to find out if it's a battery issue.

    I had two other macbook/powerbook before, never had anything like it.
    I know that I have apple care to cover this issue, if it fails eventually. But I really hate to just let problems linger. Seems like this is the way it is, apple will trouble shoot the issues, but seems like to get a issue free computer for the money is getting harder and harder. They will keep on fixing your once-was-new computer until it's old or until you accept that the computer is less than perfect. It's really disappointing.

    Anyone had the same issue and got some solid answer from apple?


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