-1797 battery amperage!?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RITZFit, Jan 18, 2008.

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    It started when my computer went to sleep and I couldn't wake it (the kind when your battery is dead), but the battery had atleast 34% charge before this happened. after plugging the computer to an outlet, it finally came on. apparently my battery went from 34% to 0% in 3 min!? just to be sure, i unplugged it again and the computer died (as expected), but when I re-plugged it and booted it again, the battery was back at 30%. the battery stats seem to be ok, but is that amperage normal? it seems to be working now, but i'm still gonna try to recalibrate it. do yall think my battery is going dead? its about a yr. old now w/ 79 cycles.

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    I would give it some time to recharge

    I had a similar issue with a Ti Book. The battery would not charge...until Ieft the book (off) with the battery in and the charger connected for 36 hours. Since then, the battery is now back to full form and works fine (and this is a 3 yr old battery). If the condition remains the same (after 24 to 48 hours), you mostly have a damaged battery (sounds like a bad cell). OEM batteries are cheaper, but you can get a genuine Apple battery for not much more on ebay.

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    that's how much power your laptop is currently drawing off of the battery.

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