$199 Wink Lookout Home Security Pack Bundles All-Wink Products for the First Time

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    Connected smart home company Wink on Tuesday announced its first home security bundle featuring all its own-brand products, rather than including compatible products made by other companies.

    The Wink Lookout set includes two open/close sensors for use on doors and windows, a motion sensor with pet sensitivity for placement anywhere in the home, a siren and chime alarm with built-in flashlight, and the unifying Wink hub.


    No subscription is required to use the products, which communicate through the hub and can be monitored using an updated Wink iOS app that features sensor-trip alerts, siren control, and an emergency services/trusted contact call option.

    The new Wink home security bundle costs $199, which is significantly cheaper than the similar Nest Guard at $499. The Wink Lookout set will be available from October 31 at Home Depot and on Amazon. Sensors can be picked up individually for $29, as can the home motion sensor and siren, which cost $39 each. The set includes free shipping in the U.S. backed by a 30-day return policy.

    (Via Engadget.)

    Article Link: $199 Wink Lookout Home Security Pack Bundles All-Wink Products for the First Time
  2. Tronic macrumors 6502


    Jun 10, 2009
    Im surprised the established hone security companies haven’t purchased any of these diy security companies yet. Seems like a no-brainer.
  3. Kiro macrumors member


    Sep 15, 2015
    Germany, Leipzig

    Apart from this, I still haven't found a company making a really easy simple hasslefree product in this sector.
    Maybe HUE, but it's just lights.

    I still haven't found a company that has homekit compatible window blinds adapters.
  4. Swuycheck macrumors newbie


    Jun 26, 2017
    I love my wink system. This seems like a great deal.
  5. Braderunner macrumors 6502a

    Oct 2, 2015
    Not bad. Not bad. This space is getting some nice options. (Except the one by Nest:mad:) To me, paying for monitoring is a rip-off. You're basically paying for someone else to call the cops when the alarm is triggered. I can do that myself.
  6. liberte1776 macrumors regular

    Apr 3, 2014
  7. spacemnspiff macrumors 6502a


    Feb 11, 2009
    Wink is looking more promising to me, mostly everything is battery operated, to complement that I have 5 wired 3MP security cameras with an NVR at home and motion triggered lights on the exterior. I hate to pay for any subscription fees for storing the data.
    I have a Synology NAS that I plan to use to record all the camera monitoring. I have yet to set that up.
  8. randot macrumors newbie

    Feb 23, 2016
    Wink isn't compatible with HomeKit by itself. But with a little work, you can connect it to HomeKit using the open source Homebridge app, running either on a Mac or on a Pi. I set that up with my Wink, and as a result have a much more comprehensive Homekit setup than I would if I only bought officially certified HomeKit products. For instance, I was using Siri with my garage before there was even a compatible HomeKit opener.
  9. tzm41 macrumors regular


    Jul 11, 2014
    Have you checked Lutron Serena or SOMA shades
  10. ipedro macrumors 601


    Nov 30, 2004
    Toronto, ON
    I've had a Wink system for nearly 3 years now and after repeated promises, it hasn't gotten much better. I slowly started building up a HomeKit system around it and at this point, I barely ever touch the Wink Relay on my wall.

    I use IFTTT and Wink for some non HomeKit devices but I stopped trusting the company and haven't expanded my Wink system. I guess they must be doing something right for some people to still be in business but I wouldn't recommend them.

    The only thing that could save Wink for me is if they adopted HomeKit and added it to their existing devices in a firmware update.
  11. liberte1776 macrumors regular

    Apr 3, 2014
    No HomeKit = no wallet open.
  12. ksnell macrumors 6502a


    Aug 26, 2012
    HomeKit blinds like these?


    I am thinking about giving them a shot.
  13. WinstonRumfoord macrumors 6502

    Mar 27, 2014
    ADT just recently partnered with Samsung's SmartThings. Not quite what you mentioned, but close.

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