1G Headless eMac???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Scarecrow84, Aug 21, 2007.

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    Aug 21, 2007
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    So I was reading around a few months ago, trying to find a new project to start, and came across lbodnars "headless emac" page where he took an emac all apart, threw out everything but the logic board and down converter board, powered it with an ATX power supply and hooked up an external monitor by converting emac's monitor connector to a VGA adapter. I saw that and immediately said "that looks fun!!"Also considering the fact that it is quite easy to overclock an eMac, I figured I could build a decent machine. So I went and checked out some eMacs on ebay, and found one with a classic damaged CRT. It was a 700 Mhz with the nvidia graphics card (Generation 1), and fully knowing that lbodnar's was a G2, I bought it anyways since it was only $60. I figured that it would be a fun project since it would be a little different than bodnar's.

    So I took the whole thing apart, got my logic board all ready and my connector ready to make the wire harness for it. As I'm reading bodnar's pinouts for the logic board connector, I realize that his generation 2 has a 16 pin connector and my generation 1 has a 20 pin connector! Oh no!

    So I started digging around online and came to something called project "beowulf" (here on mac rumors) where some guy named Josh was trying to accomplish the same thing I am, but no one would help him. I also found this page where it seems these guys were already running headless G1 emacs!! So all I need to complete this project is basically what Josh needed, the voltage pinout for the logic board connector for a G1 eMac.

    Unfortunately I cant measure these voltages myself because I pretty much trashed the analog board. But I know someone out there has them if they are running a headless G1 eMac.

    So my question is-does anyone have the voltage pinout for a generation 1 emac (700 mhz) for it's logic board connection? This is the only info I need to complete my project. Until then I have pretty much a hit a brick wall. Any info would be helpful... thanks!

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