1gb RAM or 1.5gb RAM for Leopard


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May 15, 2007
My brother has a Core Duo Macbook with 512 mb RAM, and hes looking to upgrade to Leopard (i have the family pack). Im going to get him some RAM and install it for him then upgrade him to Leopard. I cant decide if i should get the 512mb for $20 or 1gb RAM for $33. Heres they are 1gb and the 512 mb.

Is 1gb RAM a big difference then 1.5gb RAM?


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Jan 8, 2007
ok, you have to realise that your brother's macbook's 512mb ram is made up of two 256mb ram. and you would have to tak out one of the 256mb ram to replace with another ram. so if you buy a 512mb ram, you'll not get the 1gb you assumed but only 0.75 gig. and if you get a one gig ram you'll get 1.25 gig of ram.

so i would recommend you to buy the gig ram, its more worth it because if you get a 512mb ram, its total is 0.75gig which isn't a dramatic increase from 512mb. :) anyway the ram is so cheap


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Jun 20, 2006
Due to the integrated graphics, I'd recommend getting a pair of sticks to maximise memory bandwidth (EDIT - if video performance is likely to be an issue). Therefore, my recommendation would be 2x512MB sticks.

More memory will out gun "matched pairs" every time. A 1.25 mismatched memory configuration will improve overall performance better than a matched configuration and having only 1GB. Add 1GB for sure. Then save for another 1GB!
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